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Paper accepted at 3DUI 2014 | Adalberto L. Simeone
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Paper accepted at 3DUI 2014

Our paper titled “Feet Movement in Desktop 3D Interaction” has been officially accepted at the 9th IEEE Symposium on 3D User Interfaces (3DUI 2014). The conference will be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA), March 29-30.

This research explores the use of a feet-tracker system to support fundamental 3D Interaction Tasks. By using a Kinect placed under the desk user are able to perform such tasks as camera navigation, object manipulation, selection and system control with their feet. In this way the hands are free to perform tasks requiring higher precision.

Feet Movement in Desktop 3D Interaction


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A.L. Simeone, E. Velloso, J. Alexander, and H. Gellersen.
Feet Movement in Desktop 3D Interaction
In Proceedings of 3D User Interfaces 2014 (3DUI 2014). IEEE, pp. 71-74.

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In this paper we present an exploratory work on the use of foot movements to support fundamental 3D interaction tasks. Depth cameras such as the Microsoft Kinect are now able to track users’ motion unobtrusively, making it possible to draw on the spatial context of gestures and movements to control 3D UIs. Whereas multitouch and mid-air hand gestures have been explored extensively for this purpose, little work has looked at how the same can be accomplished with the feet. We describe the interaction space of foot movements in a seated position and propose applications for such techniques in three-dimensional navigation, selection, manipulation and system control tasks in a 3D modelling context. We explore these applications in a user study and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this modality for 3D UIs.
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