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July | 2015 | Adalberto L. Simeone
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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Substitutional Reality: Towards a Research Agenda (WEVR 2015)

The workshop paper on Substitutional Reality published at the IEEE 1st Workshop on Everyday Virtual Reality is now available on the IEEE Xplore library and here (preprint version).


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A.L. Simeone.
Substitutional reality: Towards a research agenda
In Proceedings of 1st Workshop on Everyday Virtual Reality (WEVR 2015). IEEE, pp. 19-22.

PDF Version of Document

In our previous work on Substitutional Reality, we presented an exploration of a class of Virtual Environments where every physical object surrounding the user is associated with appropriate virtual counterparts. Differently from "passive haptics", Substitutional Reality assumes the existence of a discrepancy in the association. This previous work explored how far this mismatch can be pushed and its impact on the believability of the experience. In this paper we discuss three main research directions for Substitutional Reality. Firstly, the design space is largely unexplored as the initial investigation focused on the mismatch between real and virtual objects. Secondly, the development of systems enabling a dynamic substitution process represents a key challenge. Thirdly, we discuss the meta-design process of these experiences..
title={Substitutional reality: Towards a research agenda},
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